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Host Spotlight: The Lawler Family

Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

We have lived in Charlottesville for six years and we love this sweet town. My husband works in finance and I am a part-time event planner and full-time mom to three boys. We all love sports (especially UVA Basketball) and I love cooking.

How did you become involved with LilyPads Housing?

I am on the board of the UVA Children's Hospital and have heard a lot about the urgent housing needs for families from far away and immediately wanted to help!

IMG_0116 - Natasha Lawler.jpg

Why did you become a host?

I feel lucky to have been given the gift of hospitality and love to practice it both professionally as an event planner and also personally in our home. Our whole family loves meeting new people and believes that God calls us to welcome the stranger. We are hopeful that by helping with hosting in small ways like washing sheets or playing outside with siblings that our children will witness first hand the gifts that come with practicing hospitality. 

Is there anything else that you would like your guests to know?

We feel incredibly thankful to live in Charlottesville and are so thankful to have such a great hospital in our backyard. We would love to welcome you into our home and pray that it would be a welcome respite for you during a tough time for your family. We are a busy family so will not be in your way at all, but would love to get to know you as well if you have the time and energy for it!

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