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All the Way from Texas: Housing for out-of-state guests

This is Pearl and her family.

A family of three--father, young daughter, and mother--smile at the camera in a hospital room

Darling Pearl and her family flew all the way from Texas to receive a highly specialized ear surgery at UVA Health Children's Hospital with the hopes that it would give her hearing in her ear. The morning after her surgery, we received the most awesome text from her father:

"She can hear!" (Did you know that we happy cry when we get updates like these? )

During their nearly two week stay with us, two incredible volunteer hosts provided Pearl and her family housing. Our amazing community partners Wildrock and the Virginia Discovery Museum also made it possible for Pearl to enjoy several fun outings on the days between appointments.

A young girl ride the carousel at the Virginia Discovery Museum

Housing should not create a barrier or be a burden when children need medical treatment. We are incredibly grateful that LilyPads Housing was able to support this family during their cross-country journey to get their child medical care.

We invite you to join us in supporting families like Pearl's through hosting, volunteering, or donations.


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