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Guest Testimonials

The Stiff Family

Our daughter, Emma Grace, was born with a congenital heart defect that required surgical intervention when she was seven months old. Our family traveled to UVA for her open-heart surgery in December. Finding a place to stay that would not be a financial burden on our family was one of the many things on our minds. Thankfully, LilyPads Housing was recommended to us. We were quickly put in touch with a host family that graciously housed us for ten days during our daughter’s stay at UVA. Our host family went above and beyond to check in on us, provide us meals, and make sure that our needs were met. LilyPads Housing made it possible for Emma Grace’s grandparents to stay with us as well. Our accommodations exceeded our expectations and provided a very comfortable “home away from home” during our stay. It was particularly nice to have a place to go when we needed an escape from the hospital environment. We felt like we were given the perfect amount of privacy while still receiving much-appreciated support from both our host family and LilyPads staff. We are beyond thankful that LilyPads Housing made a very difficult time for our family a little bit easier. Unfortunately, Emma Grace will need another heart surgery in the future, but we know that LilyPads Housing will welcome us again with open arms, and for that, we are so grateful!

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