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Host Spotlight: The Wyatt Family

Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

My husband Donny and I met as undergrads at UVA. After graduation, we both moved away for a few years before we returned to settle in Crozet. We've been back for almost 17 years now and love it here. We have a 7th grade daughter (Kathleen) and 4th grade son (Sebastian). Some family hobbies include reading, cooking, and walking our rescue dog Milton. We also all love eating pizza and Indian food (not together). :)

How did you become involved with LilyPads Housing?

I saw a FaceBook post at LilyPads Housing and decided to attend a volunteer orientation to find out more.

Why did you become a host?


Because of the design of our house, we have extra living space we don't need. We wanted to be able to put that space to good use and to do our bit to ease the burdens facing families with sick children. Being a host for the past few years has been an incredibly rewarding experience. It’s such a difficult and stressful time for these Lilypads families and we are so very glad to be able to give them a home away from home. It’s also a great way for my husband and I to demonstrate to our children the importance of compassion and helping others in their time of need.

Is there anything else that you would like your guests to know?

We are so very glad to be able to open our home to you. Please know that you are not at all in imposition--we are so glad to provide you with the space you need.

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