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Closing the Stress Cycle

When your child is fighting through an illness or is medically complex, you navigate extra stress every day. The stress can take its toll on your body, mind, and heart. It becomes especially important for you to find small ways to close a stress cycle and remind your body that you're not physically in danger.

One of the best ways to close a stress cycle is through intentional movement. If you can carve out space to exercise--wonderful! but if that's not an option, moving your body by walking the hallways of the hospital or strolling around the block can be beneficial to your health. Turn on a favorite song and shake the feelings out while singing along!

Believe it or not, crying is also a great way to release tension from your body. Crying can be an important step in processing emotions and closing a stress cycle. Conversely, laughing is a great option too.

See our graphic for other simple ways to close a stress cycle and care for yourself. You are important. Your needs matter. Your child needs you to care for yourself.

Closing the stress cycle: take slow belly breaths; cry; laugh; do something creative; spend time with a loved one, share your feelings with someone safe; give and receive affection; move your body


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