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Guest Update: Daniel!

This adorable little guy is Daniel! Last year, Daniel’s family stayed with us two separate times while he received the care he needed from UVA Children’s Hospital.

A toddler with a breathing tube smiles

Daniel’s parents shared with us that, a few weeks after leaving UVA last year, Daniel ended up at Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital for a few months. Since then he’s been in and out of the hospital. However, we were delighted and relieved to learn that, despite all of his hospital stays, Daniel is very strong and happy! 🥰

He just turned one and is using a wheelchair very efficiently. His parents say he has a lot to say and loves to chat to people (we can tell by that sweet little smile that he’s awesome to talk with!). Daniel is currently home and happy to be with his family.

Toddler using wheelchair

We’re grateful to have been a part of Daniel’s life and are happy to learn that he’s doing well and continuing to get the care he needs!


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