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Meet Alison: Heart Transplant Warrior!

Alison was diagnosed prenatally with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, which typically requires three stages of open heart surgery. About 8 weeks after Alison’s first open heart surgery, it was determined that the heart she was born with wasn’t strong enough to support her without a ventilator. The best option then became having her listed for a heart transplant.

Alison and her family began staying with us while awaiting a heart transplant.

Baby with feeding tube smiles

After 3.5 months of waiting, Alison received her new heart! Alison is healing well and preparing to be discharged, hopefully within the next month.

A big sister and brother smile down at their baby sister, who is attached to various NICU tubes

We are honored and grateful that we’ve been able to house Alison’s family during this time while she receives the care she needs. We are overjoyed for this next chapter of Alison’s life and we ask that you join us in celebrating a successful surgery and lifting up her family with love.


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